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What are the benefits of learning Applied Cold Reading (ACR)?

Short version (for very busy people)

It's hard to summarise the benefits of ACR because different people use it in different ways. Nonetheless, here are eight simplified points:

1. ACR is a powerful set of communication tools. If you ever need to sell, persuade or negotiate with people, you will find ACR useful.

2. You will learn a new (and fascinating!) model of communication that you've never seen before. Though based on a simple idea (statements instead of questions) it will open your mind to many new possibilities.

3. You will learn the best and fastest way to build excellent rapport with people, especially in professional situations. In other words, how to create a sense of agreement and 'aligned interests'.

4. You will learn how to sell to your clients and customers by presenting your case in such a way that they are always in agreement with you!

5. In sales or interview situations, you will learn how to answer any question that comes up no matter what. Knowing how to do this takes away a lot of the stress and anxiety people feel in these situations, so you feel relaxed and confident instead.

6. You will learn several vital principles of persuasion, including the concept of 'benign authority'.

7. You will learn and practise a simple exercise called TOSYK - the fastest way I know to develop your cold reading skills.

8. ACR is not a bland 'one size fits all' approach. You will learn how to build an ACR model specific to you, your work and what you want to achieve.

The 500 word version, if you can spare a bit more time...

Let's start with the difference between 'cold reading' and Applied Cold Reading.

Many people go to see 'psychics' for a reading. They are often impressed, saying, 'She had never met me, yet she told me amazing details about my life!'. How can a psychic get these results? Believe in psychic powers if you want, but the more realistic explanation is 'cold reading'.

Cold reading is a vast subject. Basically, it's a way to sound as if you are giving information when in fact most of the meaning is supplied by the listener's interpretation.

Simple example: the psychic says, 'I sense a link with a distant country, perhaps an 'A' sound, maybe Australia...'. If you happen to have a link with any country starting with 'A', this will sound amazing. But maybe she says this line to everyone. If they can't think of a connection, the psychic says, 'Well, if this doesn't mean anything to you now, it will in the near future...' and moves on to something else.

This is just a trivial example. Cold reading is a vast subject, involving dozens of different techniques and strategies. (You can read more about cold reading by searching online.)

Here's where it gets interesting. I have a business background, with particular experience in media, sales and marketing. Over many years, I realised that some cold reading techniques could be adapted to suit other contexts. For example, when I met clients for the first time, I could quickly build rapport by making statements about their company, market or industry rather than just asking questions.

By trying out many different approaches in my day-to-day work, I slowly developed what I now call Applied Cold Reading. ACR is a fresh approach to the psychology of communication providing new ways to influence what people think, feel and believe.

If you are in the persuasion business - and almost everyone is, one way or another - then ACR is a truly wonderful technique to know about. So far I have taught ACR to managers, enterepreneurs, sales professionals, entertainers, legal consultants, a leading TV producer, teachers, therapists, doctors, journalists, a professional poker player and the FBI Behavioural Analysis Program team! I have shown them all how to create an ACR model that is specific to their trade or profession, and all have told me how useful it is in practical terms. It is also 100% ethically positive (a point covered in detail in the Masterclass).

I try not to over-sell ACR. It isn't magic mind control, and it doesn't mean you'll win every sale or persuade everyone you meet. However, it is very effective and powerful, and fun to learn. It gives you new options in terms of communicating effectively, being persuasive and achieving what you want from each conversation or encounter.

"Mind-blowingly thorough, professional and useful!"

- Paul French, journalist and author

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