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Who is it for (and who should stay away)?

The ACR Masterclass is for you if you want to learn how to use ACR in your own personal or professional life. It also gives you the chance to practice your ACR skills in a completely safe, friendly and supportive environment with expert help and supervision.

I have been running the Masterclass since 2008, during which time attendees have included sales executives, managers, teachers, therapists, doctors, police officers, entertainers, journalists, scientists, butchers, bakers and candle-stick makers. All have said they enjoyed it and found it useful. Several have said it's the very best course they have ever been on.

Magicians / mindreaders are welcome to attend the ACR Masterclass, but it does not contain any 'magic' methods or routines. You will learn to be a better performer, but you won't learn any new tricks.

If you believe you have genuine psychic gifts, this is not the Masterclass for you. Please don't come, because I can promise you won't enjoy it. If you are into the whole PUA ('Pick-up Artist') scene, then please don't sign up. Read my friend Neil Strauss's book ('The Game') and go to one of his talks instead! Top

What happens at the Masterclass?

The ACR Masterclass normally lasts one day. It consists of lecture sessions, some practical sessions (in which you 'try your hand' at ACR, under my expert supervision), group work and some simple written exercises.

I intentionally do not say much about the contents of the Masterclass here on the website. If you want to know why people rave so much about the content, then sign up! What follows is only a general outline.

Session 1. Introduction / the 'Standard Comparison' / Defining terms and the ACR model / ACR and ethics / Revisions and how we use them.

Session 2. Revisions in practice / 'TOSYK' practical exercise, the fastest way I know to develop ACR skill / Demonstration and practical sessions / Group work: devising TOSYK models.

Session 3. Seven Factors that enhance ACR. / New practical exercise: TOAP / Further practical sessions on building your own ACR models to fit any situation.

Session 4. Special section on AQ / More practical sessions and building personal models / Questions and answers. Top

Is it very formal?

No. The atmosphere is always relaxed, informal, friendly and positive. Everyone helps everyone else.

The Masterclass is not something you sit back and watch passively. You will have the chance to actively try ACR for yourself, under expert supervision. Practical participation is never compulsory, but is strongly encouraged.

The Masterclass involves effort! The aim is that you end up knowing things you didn't know before, and able to do things you couldn't do before. That having been said, everyone tells me it's actually fun. Top

"If people think this is easy... no! It's hard work! But it's a lot of fun, and you do find yourself improving, you change your view of looking at things, definitely worth it."

- Shurong Li, UK/China, import/export consultant

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