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Can you provide ACR training for my company or organisation?

I'd love to. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we'll see how we can work together.


Where in the world can you present the ACR Masterclass?

I'm British, so I can present the ACR Masterclass anywhere in the UK or Europe. I also have a B1 visa, so I can undertake individual paid engagements in the United States. I love travelling and I'd be happy to present the Masterclass anywhere else in the world provided I can obtain the necessary work visa. I can only speak or understand English. The Masterclass cannot be presented through an interpreter... it just doesn't work. English doesn't have to be your first language to attend the Masterclass, you just need to have reasonably fluent conversational English.


How do I go about organising a public Masterclass in my area or my country?

It's not that difficult. First of all, get in touch with me to discuss the possibility, and we will work together to make it happen. In essence all you need is a suitable venue and enough paying customers to make it a worthwhile venture!


Can you provide the Masterclass as a set of training materials, or in DVD form?

No. I never provide the training materials to anyone else, nor do I supply the class in DVD form. The only way to enjoy the benefit of the ACR Masterclass is to sign up for it!


What are the ethical implications of using cold reading?

I address the ethics of ACR during the Masterclass. The short and simple answer is that there's nothing inherently good or bad about cold reading. It all depends on the aims and intentions of the person using it. In the Masterclass the emphasis is fairly and squarely on using cold reading in a responsible way that is 100% ethically positive. It isn't about lying to people or manipulating them. It's about achieving a good outcome for both parties.


Are you claiming that anyone can benefit from ACR techniques?

Not quite. There are two mistakes I try hard not to make: the first is over-selling ACR, and the other is under-selling it. I'm sure there must be some people who wouldn't find it particularly useful. However, I do know from experience that countless different people, from many different walks of life, find it enlightening, useful and worth knowing about. If you are in the persuasion business (in whatever form), then you will find ACR useful. If interacting with others successfully in your professional or social life is imporant to you, then ACR will be useful. Or if the subjects of persuasion, influence, negotiation and communication interest you, then ACR is worth knowing about.


Does this Masterclass just repeat information in your book?

No. I ask all students to read my cold reading book before attending the Masterclass, because it's very useful preparation. But the Masterclass itself starts where the book leaves off. There is little or no overlap between the content of the book and of the Masterclass. The book describes how cold reading works in the psychic context. The Masterclass is about adapting some of the same techniques to completely different contexts that have nothing to do with being psychic.


Is ACR basically just NLP in a different form?

No, it's very different. Several NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) experts have attended the ACR Masterclass, and none have said that there's much overlap. ACR and NLP offer two different but complementary ways of thinking about people, communications, influence and behaviour, and of modelling human interactions. Many people who have an interest in NLP will also enjoy learning about ACR, but there's actually very little in common between the two subjects.


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