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Training the FBI

In 2010 I had the honour of being invited to lecture to the FBI. More specifically, to the FBI's 'Behavioural Analysis Program' (BAP) team. I flew to their training facility in Virginia, US, and took part in their annual week of skills training.

I was the first such lecturer/trainer they had ever flown in from overseas, and also the only speaker allocated a full day. I presented a condensed version of the ACR Masterclass together with elements from my 'Persuasion Secrets of a Mindreader' course. The FBI team were, as you might imagine, a very impressive group, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

As well as a full day of training, I offered to do an evening show for them! The entire team - plus friends and guests - relaxed in a local restaurant where, after coffee and dessert, I presented an hour's show of mind-reading, miracles and fun, proving that 'nothing is impossible'. I've heard reports that weeks later they were still trying to figure out how I do what I do!

Coincidentally, the BAP team had just commissioned their own Challenge Coin'. The first batch were delivered on the day I was lecturing... and they very kindly gave me the very first one!

So when you sign up for my ACR Masterclass, you are getting exactly the same material, and the same quality of tuition and active training, as the FBI!

FBI Challenge coin

"I didn't think that half-way through the first session that I was going to be up at the front doing cold reading, really doing it! It was difficult, but it's a superhighway fast route to learning and I'm so glad that's the way it was done"

- Dan, UK, entertainer

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I trained the FBI!

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It's true! I was hired by the FBI. Story here...

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