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It's a very straightforward deal. In the first instance, I'll ask you a little about your marketing experience and why you believe you will be able to sell ACR Masterclass places for me.

If I think we can work together, I will send you an Agreement to sign. I will then set up a special Discount Code for you. You pass this Code on to the customers you refer to my website. When they sign up, they get a discount on the normal price for each place. I then pay you a fixed sum for each successful referral.

It's as simple as that!

"I think anybody who at any point in their life is required to get points across accurately, to empathise with people, to listen, anyone selling, for anyone in the business world, the applications of cold reading are diverse"

- Oliver Chubb, UK, Professional poker player

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Want my Cold Reading book?

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You can order it from my other website.

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I trained the FBI!

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It's true! I was hired by the FBI. Story here...

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