What they say

These are all genuine comments from people who have attended the ACR Masterclass. Or if you don't want to read... just enjoy the videos!

"I've been on a lot of training classes in my career, and hands down this is THE best."
- V. Ellis, US, Executive with 30+ years international experience
"I find it has lots of applications. In education I use it a lot. I work a lot with students that I have to meet and get to know very very quickly, and cold reading helps me establish that relationship and get straight on to the good quality learning quickly."
- Lynne Kelly, Australia, education expert and consultant
"Unlike many other courses this is a hard one, you really need to think, you really need to take something out of yourself, which is very important because that's the way to learn."
- Lior Manor, Israel, corporate entertainer
"If people think this is easy... no! It's hard work! But it's a lot of fun, and you do find yourself improving, you change your view of looking at things, definitely worth it."
- Shurong Li, UK/China, import/export consultant
"I thought I was going to take away a few applications in my professional life as an entertainer, but I'm more and more realising the limitless applications there are in terms of my business relationships and in terms of selling and negotiation."
- Dan Alexander, UK, entertainer
"The breadth and depth of Ian Rowland's personal experience in doing this stuff for real, really comes across in the Masterclass."
- Tiffany Kemp, UK, legal consultant and trainer
"I've come from Germany, I came specially for this event, and it's something I would definitely do again, it's been extremeley good value for money."
- J. McCulloch, Germany, trainer
"I think anybody who at any point in their life is required to get points across accurately, to empathise with people, to listen, anyone selling, for anyone in the business world, the applications of cold reading are diverse."
- Oliver Chubb, UK, professional poker player
"I think if I use the skills that I've learned on the cold reading course I'll be able to get better deals for myself, and for the artists that I represent."
- Linda M., Scotland, promoter
"I thought I knew all about the subject of communication, having read lots of books on it, but having been on this Masterclass I have learned skills that I've never had before, in fact skills that I didn't even know existed, it's almost like I've been let in on this big secret, which I can't wait to put into practice."
- Neil Henry, UK, entrepreneur and entertainer
"On so many occasions people were calling out things that they wanted Ian to do, people from every walk of life, and - true professional - no matter what was thrown at him instantaneoulsy he could produce results through the cold reading techniques that he was teaching... very impressive!."
- Daniel Reed, UK, magician and entertainer
"I'm an NLP trainer, so I train people in communications skills. Anybody that has an interest in communication, whether they're leaders, sales people, marketers... ought to have an understanding of this [cold reading]."
- Michael Beale, UK, NLP trainer
"It can teach you how to sell yourself. Not just yourself in business, yourself as a character, it can open up communications between you and everyone that's out there, there is no end to it."
- Gary Adamou, UK, therapist and entertainer
"There's lots of applications for cold reading. You can use it in a business environment, you can use it in the media - I'm a journalist - you can use it in your personal life."
- Philip Droge, Holland, journalist
"It's extremely well-organised, you know, you're working with one of the best people in the world."
- Lisa, Scotland, promoter
"The quality of the tuition was fantastic. Ian's an incredibly engaging speaker, at no point in the two days did I find my concentration wandering, he kept me completely focused."
- Oliver Chubb, UK, professional poker player
"There was a lot of balance. At times we were laughing, at times Ian was performing - and he really does perform - and at times we were working hard ourselves, at times there was silence and we got to actually think through our own approaches. I found the balance very valuable."
- Lynne Kelly, Australia, education expert and consultant
"I would have paid four times the amount. I know that from just one of the models that we learned on the course, on the first morning, I knew I'd got value for money at that moment, because it changed everything I knew about cold reading."
- Kennedy, UK, mind-reader
"It was fantastic value for money. To spend that much and get two days of pretty intense coaching with a world expert in the subject... absolutely it was good value."
- Oliver Chubb, UK, professional poker player
"Cold reading has a tremendous number of applications throughout literally any business."
- V. Ellis, US, Executive with 30+ years international experience
"It's not the panacea for all ills. It's one tool in my armoury, it's one more thing that I can do to help persuade people to buy from me, to help people to see a solution to their problems, and to get to the end of a negotiation in a positive way."
- Tiffany Kemp, UK, legal consultant and trainer
"It was very enjoyable, Ian does it in a very enjoyable way, he knows how to deliver this stuff, everything is clear, everything is structured... brilliant."
- Lior Manor, Israel, corporate entertainer
"I've been on a lot of sales courses and so on that have been a bit 'airy-fairy' and you walk out thinking okay maybe I didn't learn that much, but this was different. It was real practical advice and it was demonstrated to work."
- Daniel Reed, UK, magician and entertainer

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